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Tower Sites

BuzB Corp. owns the following ultra heavy duty, co-locatable towers and makes these available for shared use by FCC license holders. All sites are fenced with ample room within our climatically controlled shelters. Current applications by our customers include paging, two-way radio, cellular, FM broadcast, wireless internet, RTK (precision farming), SCADA, low power TV & microwave point-point. To locate your antennas on any of the below structures contact us at 630-543-5560.

Brighton, Illinois:
Macoupin County
4677 Strohbeck Lane
Fosterburg Rd (IL 159) & Brighton-Bunker Hill Rd (CR 14)
Brighton, IL 62012 | View Google Map
Guyed tower, ASR 1009853
AGL 340ft
AMSL 964ft
N39 02 33
W090 03 29



Arrowsmith / Saybrook, Illinois:
Mclean County
8445 N. 3500 East Rd.
Intersection of CR 800N / CR3500E
Saybrook, IL 61770 | View Google Map
Guyed tower, ASR 1009872
AGL 300ft
AMSL 1161ft
N40 24 17
W088 35 34

The Saybrook tower is at the
southern edge of the High Trail Wind farm.



Ligonier / Waterford, Pennsylvania:
Westmoreland County
1412 State Route 271
On the Laurel Ridge Summit
Ligonier, PA 15658 | View Google Map
Self supporting tower
AGL 195ft
AMSL 2938ft
N40 16 00
W079 04 55

Must take our 3000' gravel drive
up the summit to the tower.


Please note, the microwave
dishes have been removed.



Arlington Heights, Illinois:
Sorry, this one’s full.