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Custom Two-Way Radio Systems

Reliable two-way radio communication systems are an essential tool for many successful businesses and organizations. BuzB Corp. consults with business owners, managers and staff to design and engineer a dependable system that will help your business or organization run more efficiently and cost effectively. We engineer systems for in-building, campus and regional communications utilizing the latest digital or analog technology.

Businesses & Industries We Serve:
  • Corporations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Construction
  • Hospitals
  • Facilities Management
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Citizen Corps
  • Emergency Response

System Analysis, Design, Implementation & Testing

Business assessment & budget allocation
BuzB Corp. takes the time to learn about your business and understand how your company is organized by business units and departments. We understand every business has a communications budget target and we are committed to implementing a reliable and highly functional system within your budget.

Two-way radio system communications requirements
Utilizing a thorough communications analysis process, we identify your overall business, business unit, department and individual staff members communications requirements. We meet with business owners, managers and staff to hear what their current communication needs are and discuss how we can expand their capabilities.

FCC frequency licensing & compliance
Since BuzB Corp. owns 8 wide-area FCC licensed frequencies, we have a thorough understanding of FCC frequency licenses and compliance regulations. When your company leases a complete two-way system from BuzB Corp., the FCC frequency use is include at not extra charge. Our clients save hundreds or thousands of dollars in FCC frequency licensing costs over the life of the system!

Radio system analysis
Based on our in-depth analysis, we outline a detailed communications system design plan for your business or organization.

The analysis includes:

  • List of business units and/or departments

  • Building structure, campus layout and regional terrain evaluation

  • Radios and equipment specifications

  • FCC licensing and compliance issues

  • Implantation plan and schedule

  • Testing phase

  • System launch date

Preliminary radio system recommendation options
After gathering all the necessary system requirements and information, BuzB Corp. will recommend various radio brands and system options at different cost levels. As a Hytera, Icom and Vertex dealer, we recommend the best brand and system to meet or exceed your requirements. We evaluate and test all of the equipment we rent and sell so we know how each piece of equipment will perform when installed.

Final radio & equipment system specification
Upon approval of the system design and a signed lease contract or purchase agreement, BuzB Corp. will purchase all the radios and equipment for the system. Our staff will prepare and program each radio and other necessary equipment to begin the installation phase.

Radio & equipment installation
BuzB Corp. will expertly install all radios and equipment for your in-building, campus or regional system. With over 25 years of industry leading experience, we have installed dozens of very reliable systems in a wide variety of locations.

Radio & equipment test
Since every in-building, campus or regional system location is unique, each testing process posses specific challenges and issues to resolve. BuzB Corp. will ensure your system will be very reliable and operate at a high level for the duration of your service contract.

Radio & equipment training
Depending on the system and the complexity of the radio setup, BuzB Corp. will ensure every person on the system has received an overview training session when necessary. BuzB Corp. also provides literature covering all of the features and functionalities of our radios to ensure proper radio operation and maintenance.

Sample system setup
BuzB Corp. is committed to total customer satisfaction so we are happy to offer a sample system setup option. We will set up a basic system with a limited number of radios and demonstrate our radios at your location. Based on our experience, we are confident our system demonstration will be an excellent opportunity for you to try out the equipment for a limited time.

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