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Emergency Response Two-Way Radio Systems

A dedicated and reliable Emergency Response (ER) two-way radio system is an essential tool during emergency situations and for employee safety. Multistory or single level buildings with at least 6000 Sq Ft and 50 employees should have an adequate Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and an Emergency Response Team (ERT) equipped with two-way radios. As cellular technology has been proven to be unreliable and inadequate in most buildings and on campuses, many companies and organizations choose two-way radio technology for their critical communications requirements.

Top reasons to choose two-way radio technology

  • Dedicated system gives managers and employees exclusive access
  • System can’t overload like a cellular system
  • Instant communication when seconds count

Top reasons to choose BuzB Corp.

  • Experience equipping ERT’s with professional systems
  • Exclusive FCC licensed frequencies
  • Eliminate FCC frequency leasing cost (Frequency is included with all leased systems)
  • Reduce equipment costs (BuzB Corp is an authorized equipment dealer)
  • No capital equipment costs for leased systems
  • Lease or purchase system options

Your Emergency Response Plan
Many studies have shown, companies and organizations that implement an adequate ERP and equip their ERT with a high quality two-way radio system create a much safer workplace. They also reduce employee injuries and potential deaths by having reliable and secure communications that connect managers, security and support staff when seconds count.

Critical Emergency Response coordination
During an emergency when seconds count, Safety Managers, Facilities Managers and ERT members are also responsible for communicating critical ER information and coordinating the orderly and safe evacuation of a specific area, building, or entire campus. ERT managers and members must have reliable communications while in rout to staging areas and upon arrival at staging areas. Designated ERT members are responsible for employee roll calls, identifying missing employees and informing employees about any emergency responders or fire department rescue efforts.

Reduce the likelihood of negligence lawsuits
Without an adequate ERP or two-way radio communications, your company or organization is creating a dangerous workplace and laying the groundwork for employee injuries or deaths and costly lawsuits from an employee or employee family members. The Cook County Administration building fire in Chicago and the World Trade Center terrorist’s attacks are two examples where either there was no two-way radio system or the system was totally inadequate. Unfortunately, both incidents resulted in many deaths in addition to multi-billion dollar negligence and pain and suffering lawsuits. BuzB Corp. will help your company reduce the likelihood of lawsuits by providing your organization and ERT with professional grade radios, repeaters (if necessary) and dedicated talkpaths on our FCC licensed frequencies. Equally as important, our comprehensive set up and testing service ensures the system operates at a very high level and meets all your ER and communications requirements.

Please contact BuzB Corp. at 630-543-5560 to discuss how we can help your company or organization establish a professional Emergency Response two-way radio system.