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Chicago Rooftop Management

Chicago Rooftop Revenue Development

BuzB Corp. represents building and water tank owners by marketing their building rooftops and structures to potential wireless service providers. BuzB Corp. is experienced in negotiating agreements and obtaining fair compensation from communication service providers or broadcasters seeking access to your building rooftop. As a Chicago area company, we are able to give individual attention to your rooftop and any site specific needs your company may have. With decades of wireless experience, our degreed engineers will critique technical issues and physical installation concerns on behalf of the building owners.

Specific services may include:

  • Site audit
  • Market analysis to determine specialized pricing
  • Site marketing
  • Negotiation and agreement pricing

BuzB Corp.’s experience and continuous daily exposure to rooftop and tower issues in the Chicago market provides rooftop owners with an invaluable perspective in setting pricing and revenue targets. Our compensation varies between 10-30% of gross monthly revenue dependent upon a number of factors that would be discussed prior to execution of an agreement.

Contact us at 630-543-5506 if you are interested in developing revenue from antenna placement on your rooftop.