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About BuzB Corp

BuzB Corp. (pronounced buz-bee) designs custom two-way radio systems for companies and organizations in the Chicagoland, Northern and Central Illinois regions. We provide exclusive in-building, campus and regional two-way voice and data communications systems over our eight wide-area FCC licensed VHF frequencies (See frequency area map on our home page.), We also provide telecommunications engineering and marketing services including: antenna tower mapping, inspection & analysis, rooftop antenna management and marketing consulting services. Utilizing a network of 13 communications towers in the Chicagoland, Northern and Central Illinois regions (See tower locations map on our home page.), we design and engineer reliable communications systems. We serve a range of clients and industries including: Corporations, Schools, Universities, Construction, Hospitals, Facilities Management, Security, Maintenance, Citizen Corps and Emergency Response.

Since 1994, BuzB Corp. has kept pace with the latest developments in the two-way and telecommunications industries. Our experience and track record of success demonstrates our ability to successfully design and manage challenging communications installations. As a family owned company, BuzB Corp. is built upon a basic principle: Provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

Our additional services include:

  • Two-way radio and equipment rentals

  • Two-way radio and equipment sales

About BuzB Corp.’s Founder
Jack Busby has over 15 years experience in the radio and telecommunications industry. As an engineer at Motorola for over 10 years, Jack was a key engineer and team leader in charge of project management, manufacturing and installation of large-scale two-way radio and cellular systems used for emergency response and municipal communications. Mr. Busby utilizes his extensive communications and tower climbing experience to design and engineer a wide variety of reliable radio and communications systems. He is committed to offering businesses and organizations a Complete Communications Source of custom solutions for their critical communications requirements.