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Tower Mapping & Inspections

All of our mappings and inspections are performed by degreed engineers and include a detailed report with digital photographs. Antenna tower mappings costs range from $1100 to $1800 and in some cases 24 hour turn around can be achieved. BuzB Corp can provide data in custom formats, if provided, by the requested engineering firm.  Our typical market is in the Greater Chicagoland area, serving Chicago and suburbs as well as throughout the midwest. 

The checklists provided in the Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas (TIA-222-G) are used as BuzB Corp. performs condition assessments and field mapping.

Antenna Mapping

Field mapping of appurtenances includes:

  • Antenna Inventory (elevation, orientation, type, dimensions, mount details, feed lines)

  • Other Appurtenances (climb ladders, waveguide ladders, platforms, lighting, ice shields, etc.)

  • Feed Line Inventory (type, orientation on tower, termination elevation)

Field mapping of structural components includes:

  • Configuration of Each Section (section height, face width, panel height, bracing configuration, etc.)

  • Structural Member Sizes (if pipe, wall thickness is measured with ultra sound device)

  • Base Type

  • Guy Anchor Locations

  • Guy Wire Information (elevations, types, sizes)

  • Connection Details


The main items to be assessed during inspections include the following:

  • Structure Condition (damaged, loose, or missing structural members; connections; climbing facilities; etc.)

  • Finish (paint, galvanizing, etc.)

  • Lighting

  • Grounding

  • Antennas, Feed Lines, and Mounts

  • Other Supported Appurtenances

  • Insulators

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Guy Wires

  • Guy Anchors

  • Tower Alignment